“One Big Lie”

Bernie Madoff plead guilty to eleven felonies after his two sons blew the whistle once had told them his investment company was a giant Ponzi scheme. Real client losses are estimated at $16 billion with fictitious accrued gains reaching as high as $64 billion. It is regarded as the largest fraud in United States history.



Read aloud by Greg


Too good to be true; no trade off
This guy; the stuff dreams were made of
Open your eyes
See what’s inside
With the cash Bernie had Madoff

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Madoff2The Lasting Shadow of Bernie Madoff

NY Times, Dec 10, 2011 Read More

4th Person Connected to Madoff Commits Suicide
Father of four jumped from NY hotel
Atrocious Things That Happened Because of Bernie Madoff 

Madoff4The Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust

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