Short Stories


“…a real page-turner! Great characters, description, and story development. A fun ride in a New York City that is fortunately or unfortunately no more.”  Michael Valinsky


Neptune Avenue by Greg Smith

I blame it on the movie stars.  Famous Hollywood names were flooding the Big Apple with glitzy glamour for the Fight of the Century, Muhammad Ali versus Joltin’ Joe Frazier at Madison Square Garden, March 8, 1971, for the heavyweight championship of the world. The movie stars distracted everyone so that when NYPD Officer Tim Holt took a header off the roof of the twenty-sixth precinct in downtown Brooklyn nobody noticed.  The New York Crier’s front page banner screamed ‘Muhammad calls Joe Uncle Tom.”  Holt’s splattered brain was twenty-five words on page twenty-three headlined, “Cop Dies In Fall.”  Buy it on Amazon 99 cents >>





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