Web host understandably disallowed images of bottles. Let’s see how they feel about paraphernalia.


old overholt2

Old Overholt- American Rye

The real deal for the classic Manhattan cocktail Smooth and smooth some more.

Buy It Here >>


blantons 1

Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Bourbon

Cool, rough tinged, slightly smokey.  Like fresh saddle leather & sage brush. High end grit.  Buy it here >>

Cool stuff  Click Here >>



Catskill Bourbon

Truly a find. Smooth with mountain spices. Try it with soda.

Forget Amazon. Ask you local dealer. In NYC try Astor Wines



Balcones Brimstone- Bourbon

For the connoissuers. Not hot as the name suggests, rather the innovation of smoking post-distillation gives it the hell fire. Expensive.

Buy It Here >>


evan williams

Evan Williams Black Label- Bourbon

Real grit to put hair on your chest. Suggested retail $14.95.

Buy It Here >>

Seriously, get it local.

Whiskey Stories,

Five Tales On The Rocks


Leigh Fredrickson

Blantons Bourbon:

She leaned forward and pulled, sucked my last cigarette from the pack crushed by the road. She looked up like I was the inbred coupling of morons as I fumbled for a match. The one time my wind chapped and sunburned skin came as a relief as I ripped the match across my tattoo of mom’s skull and let her pull my lit hand to her nail. Never have I understood when they say a woman’s lips were fire until I saw the lit end of that cigarette match her lipstick blowing smoke in my face. Any words of wisdom I had were gone with the smoky exhale of her cheap whiskey and fresh ash breathe, “You could use a better drink.”   Read more on pdf…whiskey stories







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