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Glory boy Detective Sergeant B.K. Brown strives to fly high and stay dry but when his world falls apart he must slog through the muck and mire of the dirty street to battle the evil dwelling there.


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Sample, First Three Chapters

Blood on the Deuce

Greg Smith


The metal ladder, rigid and erect, rose up to the movie house marquee. One patrolman, an iron claw dangling from his belt, scaled it; another, holding a rung, spotted him. The rest, hands on batons, moved to perimeter positions. They faced off the gathering, swelling throng. Inside the ring of protection, police brass huddled, speaking low. A fat City Hall hack ogled an explicit one sheet. And Shotgun Ed Miller, my new partner, chatted up a handcuffed female. I hung back. This attachment was cherry and would lead to prestige posts; I just had to keep above all the dirt.

“Look out!” came a cry overhead. I looked up. A giant red “D” hurtled toward me. It missed cracking my skull but gouged my shoulder. A sharp pain shot down my arm. I winced and swung blindly at the air. The letter bomb ricocheted to the ground and, with a metallic clanging, bounced to the gutter.

“Yeh!” cheered the mob of spectators.

I shook out my arm, hand, and wrist to allay the pain; atop the ladder, the patrolman gripped the marquee with one hand and held a huge “E” in the other. Stupidly, he waved the outsized letter at me.

Ed Miller broke from his cuffed paramour and shouted, “Hey! Who the fuck you dropping bombs on? That’s my fucking partner!”

The patrolman on the ladder froze. All activity stopped. The crowd held its breath.

“Get your rookie ass down here.”

I rubbed my shoulder, flexed my arm,. and told the kid, “Forget it. Just keep ahold of your alphabet.”

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Dear Sir or Madam,

You are receiving this email from me for your taste for the dark side and immersion into the twisting, incalculable world of crime. I am writing you regarding my new thriller Blood On The Deuce. In a nutshell, Blood On The Deuce is James Ellroy meets Sidney Lumet. Please, take some time with the sample below and let me know how you’re feeling about working with me on this polished, marketable thriller.

Glory boy Detective Sergeant B.K. Brown strives to fly high and stay dry but when his world falls apart he must slog through the muck and mire of the dirty street and fight the evil there that thrives on human wreckage.

In 1972 Manhattan, case-hardened police detective BK Brown is detached to the NYPD Vice Squad to lend his well-known law enforcement name to the obscenity prosecution of infamous pornographic film “Deep Throat.” Brown doesn’t want to get his hands dirty but the sordid swamp of the once illustrious, now notorious; 42nd St. sucks him into its brackish depths. He’s got to battle smut-peddlers, drug dealers, the Mafia and his own department as he uncovers cesspools of corruption, illicit narcotics and sex trafficking. Throw in a disgruntled detective partner tangled up in the theft of the famous “French Connection” case heroin and it’s a New York power and money orgy that keeps Brown in the dark and on his heels until he must make a desperate run to save his job, his reputation and his life.

Continuing the tradition of gritty thrillers from Raymond Chandler, Raoul Whitfield, Lawrence Block through Ellroy, Lehane and Connolly, Blood on the Deuce fits readily into publishers’ slates for thrillers and crime fiction. And it is offering a historical/travelog element bringing the reader to a long gone time and place, the Big, Wormy Apple, circa 1972.

At seventy-three thousand words, there’s lots of juicy meat in this book. Fans of crime fiction will be enjoying it. With my large backlog of Detective Sergeant Brown material making for series potential, the time is ripening for selling this book. On your request, I’d be forwarding to you the full manuscript of Blood On The Deuce.

Feel free to contact me here, Contact.

Thank you for your time and attention.






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